Finding Award Availability | Star Alliance (ANA Tool)


In this series of posts, I will discuss how I find available seats to redeem on partner airlines, so you never hear the words “Sorry, that flight is sold out” again. You will need an ANA Mileage Club Account.

  1. Go to and click on ANA Mileage Club _6.1a
  2. Enter your mileage club number and pin code and press “Login”_6.2
  3. (First time) Scroll down and click on “Continue (Login)” _6.4
  4. Scroll down and click on “Using Miles” _6.6
  5. Click on learn more for flight rewards _6.7
  6. Scroll down the page till you see Partner Flight Awards and click on “To members-only function”. _6.9
  7. Click on ANA International Flight Awards. _6.10a
  8. Enter NRT in the From field and SFO in the To field.  NRT represents Tokyo-Narita and SFO represents San Francisco._6.11a
  9. This shows available seats between Tokyo-Narita and San Francisco on ANA. To find award seats on any route on any Star Alliance Partner, scroll down and click on “Use Star Alliance Awards”. _6.12
  10. From here, insert your departure date, return date, origin and destination. Scroll down and click next.


  11. The following screen will show you availability._6.14
  12. If the seat is available then it will show as OK. If the cabin doesn’t exist on the plane (like First Class on SQ408/402) it will show as “-“. If the seat is on the plane but there is no availability it will appear as “x”, “WL” or “RQ”.
  13. If you would like to search again, scroll down and click “Search Again” to search for alternative flights

Now that you know which flights are available, you can call the airline with which you have miles, list them the flights and class of service, and then have them book/issue your ticket.

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