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I got interested in flying Business Class when I was going to study in Canada. Although I loved to fly, I knew that there is no way a 20-hour journey could be comfortable in Economy class. I was desperate to find a reasonable business class alternative. I finally found a way to travel between Canada and Singapore for just USD$1500; US$500 less than what I was being quoted for Economy Class. Not only did I get to fly Business Class but I also got to save money doing so!

Over the years my strategy has changed; what started off as flying 36 hour journeys in Business Class instead of a 20 hour journey in Economy Class has improved to traveling the shortest most direct routes while still continuing to save money. Since I started this hobby over 3 years ago, I have flown over 300,000 miles (98% in Business or First Class). 2013 was my first year where I avoided economy class entirely, and I hope to continue doing that the rest of my life.

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