Credit Card Consulting

What is it?

Purchasing miles is great. You can fly for First Class at prices which nobody imagined. What if we could help you reduce your cost so you would only pay 2-3% of a typical First Class flight for yourself? The secret for that is through credit cards. You might see me post about various credit card deals available in my three countries of specialization; Singapore, India or Canada, but it can be difficult to figure out which deals work best for you. With this new service, we help clients understand which travel cards suit their needs so they can Fly First Class for even less, sometimes as much as a 99% discount over a retail First Class ticket!

How it Works

It starts off with you contacting us at . We will send you a PayPal invoice of S$150/C$100/INR5000/US$100 for our time and services and we will schedule an online meeting to discuss which credit cards fit your needs

Why do we charge a fee?

… because we do not get commissions from credit card sales. And we also like it that way since you can receive an unbiased opinion of the best deals for you that don’t change based on who gives me the biggest commission.

Annual Service

For many people, having one session is never enough. We offer an annual service where we re-evaluate your needs every 3 months to discuss how to best maximize the credit cards that you already have. We also send promotion specific emails to you, so you don’t have to filter out the noise that you would have otherwise received. We offer our annual service for S$300/C$200/INR10000/US$200. This includes all our services above.

Contact Us

For any other queries, do not hesitate to contact us at

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