[Expired] Current Promotions You Can Enjoy | US Airways


This US Airways promotion allows you to fly anywhere in the world for no more than $3,450 in First Class or $2,700 in Business Class. US Airways is currently running a targeted promotion where you can get a 100% bonus on whatever number of miles you purchase. You can use these miles for any Star Alliance airline*. Below I’ve compared the cost of a revenue ticket with the cost of a ticket using US Airways Miles.


Purchase a Revenue Ticket
(US$ + taxes)
Purchase a Ticket with
the Promotion (US$ + taxes)
Economy Business First Business First
Singapore to Delhi 450 2600 4150 615 805
New York to Sydney 1500 4500 12400 2200 2700
Sydney to London 950 4800 8000 2310 2875
San Francisco to Hong Kong 760 3000 5600 1750 2310

This is one of the best deals I’ve seen with US Airways.

Although you can purchase as many miles as you want, the bonus is capped to 50,000 miles. So if you need more than 100,000 miles, you should consider either transferring miles from one account to another or purchasing more miles without the bonus.

Note that US Airways is only part of Star Alliance until 31st March 2014. After that they will become part of the OneWorld alliance, but nobody knows how the cost of tickets will change.

So there it is, a way to find First Class at a significant discount over a revenue First Class ticket. New York to Sydney is less than 25% of a revenue ticket in First Class!

* You cannot purchase a mileage ticket for the following flights:
Singapore Airlines First Class (except for Delhi and Jakarta), Lufthansa First Class, Swiss First Class, Singapore Airlines Business Class to Europe/Africa/North America/South America.

[Expired] Current Promotions You Can Enjoy | American Airlines


This promotion can enable you to fly in Business or First Class for a significant discount on any American Airlines partner including Cathay Pacific.To use this promotion, sign up for or use an existing American Airlines (AA) frequent flyer account. AA is currently offering up to 15,000 extra miles when you buy AA miles (expires on January 31, 2014). Below I’ve described possible ways to use the miles.

  1. Between North America and Asia on either Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines in Business/First Class for US$2750/US$3200 + taxes. A little bit less if you end your travel in Japan, South Korea or Mongolia.
  2. Between Asia (except Japan, South Korea or Mongolia) and Europe on Cathay Pacific in Business/First Class for US$2750/US$3350 + taxes in First Class.
  3. Between Europe and the Middle East on Qatar Airways in Business/First Class for US$1400/US$1950 + taxes.

This isn’t the best deal I’ve seen with American Airlines, so unless you need to be traveling very soon I would probably wait for a better promotion.

Always remember to only purchase the miles you need. As there is an annual limit on the purchase of AA miles, if you need more than 75,000 miles for a round trip ticket, you would need to purchase and redeem miles from two accounts instead of one account.

I strongly recommend that you don’t purchase miles for travel on British Airways / Iberia since they also charge a “fuel surcharge” on top of the existing taxes which can exceed US$500 per person.

So there it is. Fly from Asia to Europe or North America for as little as $2,750 in Business Class. A full priced Business Class ticket would cost you about US$7,000 + taxes on Cathay Pacific. Premium Economy would cost $2,000 + taxes. So you can either save US$4,000 from your Business Class ticket or upgrade yourself to Business Class for just $750.

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